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Amnesia Music Home Page

Amnesia Music is the creative outlet for the various music-related activities of
Lindy Mack, Vicki Mack, Scott Harris and friends.

We are now based in beautiful Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

You can access the non-musical activities or personal websites of our associates
by clicking on their names.

Bands & Musical Organizations

  We3   Lindy's current trio, highlighting folk, roots and oldies music.     Features info, pictures and complete MP3 audio files.

Jupiter II new age space music (CD's and cassettes of melodic space music).      Features info, pictures and complete MP3 audio files.

Ally Classic Rock band (new CD of all-original songs now available!).      Features info, pictures and sound samples.

The Death Army Punk band from the late '70s (Recently raised and reunited!).      Features info, pictures and complete MP3 audio files.

Stuff you can buy

Original Songs by Ally. CD's & Tapes
TecStiX.com Recording and production services in Mountain View, CA.

Non-Musical Stuff

A few Personal Links (non-musical) High School reunions and other stuff

E-mail me at lindy@amnesia-music.com